Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sounds of 2015///

Lemme recap the tracks I frequented this year.

January / February:

I had all the Tommy Boy mixes on rotation...those are big complications of discotec Classics....

I only move for money - Xalan
Electric Dredd 

That sorta thing.... just to fill on spaces of time where shuffling wasn't an option. Solid dance beats.

March / Summer

Black Devil Disco Club
Sally Shapiro
Spandau Ballet
The Jacka
Skinny Puppy
Loose Shus

For some reason because of my dating situation I was feeling a bit noire. I think it's a handy to have Satan's playlist at your disposal in moments of crisis. God/the Devil seem to have a working relationship that is easy to see.

October /November - December

Tesla Boy
Neon Indian
Pengus + Perfect Science
The Satin Jackets
Body Count
Kool Keith
Sunglasses Kid
Magic Machines

Im sure i could write more here with some time to recount deeply. It was largely because of Tesla Boy's radio show that I caught wind of so many other tracks.
I recall this was a time of jet set travel, drive and flights. The modern stylings of pengus put me through several terminal and gate entries. I felt like an astronaut the whole time. Satin Jackets where the melancholic bittersweet tones that brought me back to ground level and so on.

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