Friday, December 27, 2013


Force Feeding: A Sharper Axe to Cut Bigger Trees.

We agree that it isn't the work-out that makes you eventually stronger. We attribute muscle growth to the rest period, generally. I think factors that help cultivate optimal 'recovery' from the trauma put on the body include diet, sleep, and emotional enrichment. I think some people would also argue that you need exposure to the sun and purer oxygen, ideally.

We have to be realistic with the cyclical rhythms of this body. It's been thrust into a society (this one particularly American) that doesn't honor rest. You can't expect to get the same results on this physical plane during Winter as you do in Spring as you do in Summer.

Prioritizing a season of relaxation is imperative to the flow of energy both creative and linear.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You're not smoking the cigarette. That cigarette's smoking you.

If you purchase new tools to facilitate a new lifestyle you will find that the laws of this universe ( and i hate using that term) will allow for the safe removal of other 'unwanted' life-moves.


 An abundance of pure, unfiltered, unrefined, spring water makes the acquisition of Mountain-Dew difficult.

This hack works to a degree whereby the so-called 'will power' to resist unwanted propensities is coerced into reduction.

Do you get me?


Your love of spring water ( and you love spring water, believe me) will supersede your desire to even look at Mountain Dew.

Thus, you are spending less and less energy resisting your vice and instead using positive force to embrace your loves.

Lets talk about something in graphics:
A commodity: salad with tinned sardine at the pad. 

So not that i've evolved as a human at all in the past year or two....

But i've noticed that i can see the plate-ups in anything I'm eating that's at least somewhat composed.

I call this the Rythm Effect, even though food is most of the time 'stationary'.

In culinary school we had a short discussion about focal point(s) and negative space. I don't recall much emphasis being put on COLOR CONTRAST, but that shit is major, in my opinion.

I mean; it's fortunate that culinary trends c.2013 allow for any pile of shit you see to be filed under 'modern' and 'subtle'. I fully intend to use that consciousness to my advantage (and did for a year, by the way).

Even in this quick dinner i was eating (in the photo) my salad is spilling into the rim, its loaded with varying shapes (none of which are teased with some knife-tricks). I finished the whole thing by literally hucking a carcass at the plate. There's also a little moat underneath the sardine belly where the dressing (lemon juice only) will collect with some juices from the tomatoes and sardines to give that sort of 'nage' feel. Can you imagine if i had a little red-beet in there?

I COULD SELL THAT SHIT FOR $30 in a brick-and-mortar.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Listen to Sandra


It's always better to be an idiot than a slave.

 I think you get burned either way. This mode of thought would serve as economic landscapes here in the States evolve.

But don't buy into what I have to say. I think this forum is supposed to allow you to see it and then make a conclusion.

This is for all the folks telling me sugar is murder. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yeah it's edible!

The pain associated with my 'hungry years' is nostalgic.

 Since taking up worship at the alter of juice I've got to admit I'm never actually physiologically hungry.

Let's say: notions of learning and adjusting are part of the landscape. If you're not exactly in a position where you can appreciate that type of personal development you get to be later.

Still worshiping juice here, man. 
This is a shot of myself and the staff of Craft and Commerce. I joined them to dish out a pop-up at a local brewery. I think some of the hi-jinx that came later in the night overshadowed the contentment we all seem to be experiencing in the photo. Let me know if we look insincere.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ahhhhhh, it's time to Relax

I think breathe work is the most effective way of practicing disconnect. Every moment we literally inhale the the experience of living we have next the opportunity to exhale it's equal.

when the chamber's empty!
This is seen first of a physical level. 

The cooling and warming fluctuation of breath is a observation in rhythm that I find ought to permeate  movements and processes on that level.

I need to become more aware of the breathing. 

Also, I love to breath at the beach. There is an abundance of clear and unfiltered aether that is astonishing to witness and it's readily accessible. I feel that any day is a complete triumph with at least one short dip in the Pacific.

Are you really concerned about your baby? Or are you trying to escape it?

Let see....

So I had another post to get back into this habit of recording my thoughts on this blog. I failed to post it, and I recall the subject matter vividly. I'll publish it once i've come to my senses.

On another note:

I spent part of the afternoon with some soon to be 'senior'  high-school students.

Without knowing more about them, I was sort of disappointed. Usually I expect youngsters to blow me away with some dazzling display of their superior vitality, outlook, and disposition as a result of their parent's cash-flow. I didn't catch that buzz with this lot of three, however.

Definitely made me feel better about my generation and those before it.

Pardon elitism. I am glad however that there is such a wide variance in behaviors out there, you'll recall I've not been in contact with a chunk of people in San Diego as a chef/troll chained to a kitchen for the past year.

In either case, on to the food:

 This is a very traditional Pizza Marinara --

It blows me away every time with it's vivid hues. Not only that, there is a huge earthy, salty push in this pie that you simply wont have with any other. The tang of the San Marzano tomato is the perfect shrill sting to relieve the palate of an abiding salty hum.

This pizza has a very uniformly toasted cornicione and ingredient placement, so it is...visually stunning.

I watched someone eat it from a distance and they seemed in a trance, staring into the sunset.

I don't think you could compliment the dough in a more robust manner.

I'm glad i could share this with you. Now to sleep.