Monday, August 15, 2016

Real Estate

Spent a few days out here at a Tom Ferry summit in Vegas.

The part where i met up with my parents again is on one hand frightening. The other is the part where i saw other adults ( people in their mid 30's +).

Just a general sweep of the cast lets you know where you stand. I get the feeling it's a my duty to keep as youthful as possible and to keep from homogenizing.

I get the biggest kick out of the voyeurism.

Well cmon man what else are you here for?

Ive got that tiring and gnawing feeling for destruction again.
I'm going to quickly kickflip back lip that soma rail. I've got to, i need the release and to end the restlessness.

But this is what the arts did to me, i feel. How do we have these projections of ourselves in our minds and keep them there for years?

I mean if it's going to be frowned upon for me to knowingly smash personal property i've got to at least get a little of it out - whatever the consequence.

God know's I've got the body for it, all my arms and legs are in perfect condition -- better than ever ,even.

Let's get after a taste.