Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hella Agent

Job looked back at his compatriot.

"What is it old sport?" Less asked

"Dude, you just start talking shit when people show up, don't you? You're trying to look like big man out there. Hah!" Job laughed back.

Cless snickered

"Dude, no where did you get this idea from? Hehe, cmon. No" Cless said

"Sure, you're just trying to be one of the white men, i get it" Job couldn't stop himself.

"No, seroious, man. I don't know where you get this idea." Cless was dying of laughter.

"Yeah. Ok.Sure". Job played it to rest.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

It could be the atmosphere sinking....

"That's not even the first floor. Look over here ". Yvette said

"Hey cool" Cless had a look at the escalator leading to the mezanine, covered in some sort of synthetic mossy turf.

"This is plush" he said.

"It's all real too, this entire building has solar fortifications, inside and out. You guys do solar?" Yvette  was starting to boast.

"We've got some solar." Cless though back to his horizon lined window out to the Pacific back at Aexer that he held so dear to this point.

He glanced to the upper marble checkered floors surrounded by the sheer later afternoon light. The reflections were dizzying. Nice, glossy, but he never felt he'd find a day where marble wouldn't appeal to his senses.

There was an impressive sunken polished-seafoam glass bar tended by an attractive duet of females. Not far from the glass enterance , Cless could see an old friend. She waved as they made contact.

The evening's meeting would be held in a sliding bamboo doored booth adjacent the glass paneling around the back of the dining floor.

"What're you having?"

"Actually it's a little early for me, could i have some soda? soda with a few dashes of these?" Cless motioned to the bitters in jade bottles

"That's a passionfruit bitter..don't be silly, try out this, its called a Moody Suzuki" Layla waved a few elegant hands across the apparatuses.

She clasped the dual shaker. With a quick and mischievous smile she shook back a few pulses while Cless tried to look elsewhere around the terrace. The dynamic sounds of the area and the lovely retro touches in the deck's soundtrack helped a ton.

Layla poured the stiffy into an chic colin's glass and drew her best skateboard across the drink's head with a whip of bitters. She dropped the glass off on the bar and waved him forward

"Oh...i think i needed this..." He whispered.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

For the Summer

"You're not a corpse. Just relax. "

"I am relaxed! Just take look..." He propped up a knee and fold it over the other. Spider web formation of the fingers behind the head, a quick lean in the bamboo seat.

What is it about a holiday that brings you home?


She glanced over at Cless. His countenance unspoiled, he however seemed to be dozing off.

The sun was tanking and the afternoon turns pink.

"When this is over, we have to try that duck you put together the other night..."

"But...wont that mean we have to get back to your hotel room?" Cless less and less innocent.

"yes, yes."


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nah nah son

"Well that is handy" Cless though aloud. 

"To be honest, the entire staff thinks you're a little overworked. Everything ok?" Trang prodded 

Cless had a brief moment of reflection just on the past few months in a glimpse. Was it all worth it? Was he putting too much gravity on the situation? How are we feeling?

"Well, I don't think this is zen. But...I'm still sleeping really easily." 

"That's not what i meant, you're looking like a godamn skeleton" Trang

"Oh ok.. That seems a bit critical". 

Just he could see that his friend was actually concerned.

"Well, let's just chat about headspace for a bit. I don''t know whether or not you have a minute?"

"Whatcha' got?" Trang perked up. 

"It's nothing. I'm just looking for some contrast...We're good. " 

"You jerk , you said you'd talk!" Trang stomped out the office. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hearts afire.

"Well what time are you leaving?"
"Dunno, maybe after 3 am. It's Valentine's day right?"
"That is romantic. You fucking idiot."