Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Is Sorrow

Cless peered at his car's stereo.

"What's on the playlist tonight, babe?"

Cless looked deeply at the digital display. There was the low hum of some fading strings from the track's synths pouring into their ears via decade old car speakers.

"Is this the right jam for the moment?" he wondered aloud

"I can't even hear it, turn it up, turn my headphones up." she had to confess

Cless knew there are times of great struggle and entropy is eternal. To be sure, most of his existence was a clear display of the balance.

"It's the Black Devil Disco never know when you'll needs Satan's backing track"

 The beat kicked in with a thwacking-rapid sequence.

THwuk Thwuk Thwuk Twhukk