Sunday, March 5, 2017

Nah nah son

"Well that is handy" Cless though aloud. 

"To be honest, the entire staff thinks you're a little overworked. Everything ok?" Trang prodded 

Cless had a brief moment of reflection just on the past few months in a glimpse. Was it all worth it? Was he putting too much gravity on the situation? How are we feeling?

"Well, I don't think this is zen. But...I'm still sleeping really easily." 

"That's not what i meant, you're looking like a godamn skeleton" Trang

"Oh ok.. That seems a bit critical". 

Just he could see that his friend was actually concerned.

"Well, let's just chat about headspace for a bit. I don''t know whether or not you have a minute?"

"Whatcha' got?" Trang perked up. 

"It's nothing. I'm just looking for some contrast...We're good. " 

"You jerk , you said you'd talk!" Trang stomped out the office. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hearts afire.

"Well what time are you leaving?"
"Dunno, maybe after 3 am. It's Valentine's day right?"
"That is romantic. You fucking idiot."