Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There must be something we can talk about.

It's strange that Thanksgiving is a holiday marked by gluttony. Preparations for piling down and the guilt trips that may follow. Although that scenario is different for everyone - i usually work that day out of the year.

Still elated to recall the actual events and (lordy!) the food - I spent Thanksgiving day away from the stoves and home and in the company of pure class. Perfection in generosity, hearth and travel - now I owe this existence so, so much.

Thank you and cheers, Tadaaki, Nancy, + Hachisu household. residents of Kamikawa for not calling the authorities on my accomplice and I as we loitered about for that week. I'll plant a few beets for you over here in San Diego.

Glad they drank my Bordeaux first

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Careful With That Axe

A most righteous Indian Winter today. A second here to recognize a favorite around these parts....

This piece is on bananas.
The last say in efficient eating.

Dole > Del Monte
Dole > Chiquita ? 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Awww....Freak Out!!"

Having abandoned conventional breakfast...

With consideration to this unusually hot San Diego Autumn, these have become a staple of my mornings. I refer to the contents of the pictured bowl as 'muesli', however one will note that the O.G. Bircher-Muesli contains grains (typically oats). My version omits oats but includes flax from time to time.

 A little hefty, but I imagine they furnish lots of nutrients and bulk in the form of insoluble, naturally-occurring fiber. This bowl is super-delicious and costs me a few dollars less than the 'acai bowl' on the 101.

To replace milk that one might typically have in a muesli or cereal I run cauliflower cores, corn kernels, carrot ends, apples or pears, whatever really - at times a combination of my leftovers.

--This stuff wakes you up and clears out your skull from the night's sleep. An effect oatmeal and wheat cereal missed - while they obviously activate the digestive tract and stimulate the body in that fashion - those always left me sleeping in classes later in the morning.

Here: I've developed a solid combo of fructose, amino acids, fatty acids, phytonutrients, various vitamins and minerals, (once again) fiber.

Strange fascinations, i guess...
Followed up with a glass of carrot, backyard grass, some sun -- you really can't lose.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

'Any Color You Like'

in semi-formal wear no less. 
Man, I miss my old sack lunches. They had a lot more stuff in em' back then than I bother to take for lunch these days. I remember chilling here at a small round-about between shifts with:

Celery and white bean soup (left)
Whole wheat tortilla with cabbage, omelette and a tin of smoked herring.
Somewhere around there I had a tiger's milk energy bar as those were a favorite of mine at the time.

A nutritional powerhouse; after a brief nap in the sun I'd be off to hit the grill and later, the long ride home.

A snippet of one of my several varied favorites; usually including some tinned, smoked, fish.

That's all there needs to be said about this...Hopefully you readers might be able to grasp the atmosphere of relaxation, and enjoyment I was having back there.

Anyway...it certainly made for a cool lunch.

That's Really Something.

Excellent. This is my second post, and already blogging feels like second nature.

The Story So Far...

This is a shot of a dish that I used to make quite reguarly while working at Georges at the Cove, La Jolla, CA. It is among the first of the pictures I would go on to take with my third generation iphone. Aside from certain aesthetic qualities worth discussing -- I recall that that the lobster claw IS HUGE.

The Lobster Seafood Stew features:

Lobster Sofrito (Aromatics, tomato, toasted almonds)
Braised Maine Lobster (Tail and claws),
Fregola Sarda (Toasted Italian pearl pasta),
Marcona Almonds
Orange Aioli
Various chunks of seafood and shellfish (really nice when the bivalves are plump)
A final intense drizzle of Californian extra virgin olive oil

Subtle glories

These were hell to recreate on multiple pickups because the stew's viscosity might vary depending how it was reheated, there might be more or less pasta inside and it all hinged on laying down the first shellfish foundation....The colors and un-fussy plate-up on this dish are hallmarks of a style I'm trying to absorb.

Sometimes all one needs is a few good fish.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Run Like Hell

When I hear "blog", I think "hokey". To be honest, that's how the production of this first entry feels; but that sentiment will no doubt dissolve as this project wears on.

This is the first post in a series that is my attempt to put parts of this lifetime - as I've experienced it - into the time(less) capsule that is internet. Being as I've kickstarted a few new habits, the consistent documentation of germanic efforts in their fields will hopefully bring about fruitful returns.

Stick around, or don't.