Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Awww....Freak Out!!"

Having abandoned conventional breakfast...

With consideration to this unusually hot San Diego Autumn, these have become a staple of my mornings. I refer to the contents of the pictured bowl as 'muesli', however one will note that the O.G. Bircher-Muesli contains grains (typically oats). My version omits oats but includes flax from time to time.

 A little hefty, but I imagine they furnish lots of nutrients and bulk in the form of insoluble, naturally-occurring fiber. This bowl is super-delicious and costs me a few dollars less than the 'acai bowl' on the 101.

To replace milk that one might typically have in a muesli or cereal I run cauliflower cores, corn kernels, carrot ends, apples or pears, whatever really - at times a combination of my leftovers.

--This stuff wakes you up and clears out your skull from the night's sleep. An effect oatmeal and wheat cereal missed - while they obviously activate the digestive tract and stimulate the body in that fashion - those always left me sleeping in classes later in the morning.

Here: I've developed a solid combo of fructose, amino acids, fatty acids, phytonutrients, various vitamins and minerals, (once again) fiber.

Strange fascinations, i guess...
Followed up with a glass of carrot, backyard grass, some sun -- you really can't lose.

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