Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Just don't leave anything in your car.."

"I know, i know...I think because of how old the car is, people are going to be over it.."

"That's got nothing to do with it, they did it to my rear window, and that was eight-hundred dollars to replace..a vintage piece of glass."

Quick exchange of nods and we split. Seems like simple info I'd get from any pal.

How retarded to not have listened , but i think the scene was pretty dreamy, thats why i recall it here.

I saw my window broken under a street lamp. Plenty of washed out sidewalk, still raining as i took in all the broken glass.

The upstairs neighbors across the street apparently saw most of the action. He could only point me in the direction of the vandal.

Still don't get why i didn't lose any irreplaceable items, my bag was just getting soaked next to the curb when i found it. I figured i was going to have to give a little pursuit and potentially gut someone.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ahh its time to relax again.

I guess the good celebrities do die in 3's?
hard to believe this was only summer 2015

To kick off 2016 -- The motorHead dude Lemmy died, David bowie dies, and the guy who played Hans Gruber in Die Hard is dead.

I'm most broken up about David Bowie dying. I always felt like his songs were tailored just for me, and I got to listen to most of them free of charge!

Sound and Vision?

Gets me all choked up and teary thinking about it.

I miss em' heaps already.

That.... and I miss my fucking long flowy hair . It sucks and hurts that i have to sell out to hold my position and keep my tenure for as long as I can. I knew how it was going to work when i signed up, but it doesn't make it any easier/less sad to shed old personas.

I try not to take any of this too seriously. But those are some my fondest memories of me.  Times where i wasn't at total odds.  When; how i felt, spoke, acted, and looked all lined up.

I was like a metrosexual-shredding-chef .  Thats exactly where i wanted to be at the time.
Shouts to David Bowie for doing this all years before and helping me feel endeared by people who didn't grasp the picket-fenced ideal of masculinity.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Only tea can help.

Guess those are the two options at the end of a busy day. Which do you decide you deserve tonight? Tea or chartreuse?

I'm sorry if i was being a jerk earlier. All you guys deserve better.
It's a hearty symptom of humanity to be unsatisfied at different levels isn't it?

That's how i tend to put this issue together. I think: This is natural, and when the dust settles, every human finds a problem with how good things are. They find reasons to upturn graves and issue rebuttals. I'm just lucky enough to have the luxury of sanity, and stupid enough to not realize how good I've got it. But shouldn't i try and fast forward and get to heightened pasteur?

Anyways, thats what this section is for. Just to take a pause and have a silent moment of gratitude.

I feel sad sometimes thinking about the sheer volume that reflects how many times i've been delivered by grace from terrible circumstances.

How many times I've been fished out of the whale's intestine.

How many times I've found the way out.

....And still find a problem with the air around me.

 : )