Friday, January 15, 2016

Ahh its time to relax again.

I guess the good celebrities do die in 3's?
hard to believe this was only summer 2015

To kick off 2016 -- The motorHead dude Lemmy died, David bowie dies, and the guy who played Hans Gruber in Die Hard is dead.

I'm most broken up about David Bowie dying. I always felt like his songs were tailored just for me, and I got to listen to most of them free of charge!

Sound and Vision?

Gets me all choked up and teary thinking about it.

I miss em' heaps already.

That.... and I miss my fucking long flowy hair . It sucks and hurts that i have to sell out to hold my position and keep my tenure for as long as I can. I knew how it was going to work when i signed up, but it doesn't make it any easier/less sad to shed old personas.

I try not to take any of this too seriously. But those are some my fondest memories of me.  Times where i wasn't at total odds.  When; how i felt, spoke, acted, and looked all lined up.

I was like a metrosexual-shredding-chef .  Thats exactly where i wanted to be at the time.
Shouts to David Bowie for doing this all years before and helping me feel endeared by people who didn't grasp the picket-fenced ideal of masculinity.

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