Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Only tea can help.

Guess those are the two options at the end of a busy day. Which do you decide you deserve tonight? Tea or chartreuse?

I'm sorry if i was being a jerk earlier. All you guys deserve better.
It's a hearty symptom of humanity to be unsatisfied at different levels isn't it?

That's how i tend to put this issue together. I think: This is natural, and when the dust settles, every human finds a problem with how good things are. They find reasons to upturn graves and issue rebuttals. I'm just lucky enough to have the luxury of sanity, and stupid enough to not realize how good I've got it. But shouldn't i try and fast forward and get to heightened pasteur?

Anyways, thats what this section is for. Just to take a pause and have a silent moment of gratitude.

I feel sad sometimes thinking about the sheer volume that reflects how many times i've been delivered by grace from terrible circumstances.

How many times I've been fished out of the whale's intestine.

How many times I've found the way out.

....And still find a problem with the air around me.

 : )

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