Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There must be something we can talk about.

It's strange that Thanksgiving is a holiday marked by gluttony. Preparations for piling down and the guilt trips that may follow. Although that scenario is different for everyone - i usually work that day out of the year.

Still elated to recall the actual events and (lordy!) the food - I spent Thanksgiving day away from the stoves and home and in the company of pure class. Perfection in generosity, hearth and travel - now I owe this existence so, so much.

Thank you and cheers, Tadaaki, Nancy, + Hachisu household. residents of Kamikawa for not calling the authorities on my accomplice and I as we loitered about for that week. I'll plant a few beets for you over here in San Diego.

Glad they drank my Bordeaux first

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