Thursday, October 14, 2010

That's Really Something.

Excellent. This is my second post, and already blogging feels like second nature.

The Story So Far...

This is a shot of a dish that I used to make quite reguarly while working at Georges at the Cove, La Jolla, CA. It is among the first of the pictures I would go on to take with my third generation iphone. Aside from certain aesthetic qualities worth discussing -- I recall that that the lobster claw IS HUGE.

The Lobster Seafood Stew features:

Lobster Sofrito (Aromatics, tomato, toasted almonds)
Braised Maine Lobster (Tail and claws),
Fregola Sarda (Toasted Italian pearl pasta),
Marcona Almonds
Orange Aioli
Various chunks of seafood and shellfish (really nice when the bivalves are plump)
A final intense drizzle of Californian extra virgin olive oil

Subtle glories

These were hell to recreate on multiple pickups because the stew's viscosity might vary depending how it was reheated, there might be more or less pasta inside and it all hinged on laying down the first shellfish foundation....The colors and un-fussy plate-up on this dish are hallmarks of a style I'm trying to absorb.

Sometimes all one needs is a few good fish.

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