Thursday, October 14, 2010

'Any Color You Like'

in semi-formal wear no less. 
Man, I miss my old sack lunches. They had a lot more stuff in em' back then than I bother to take for lunch these days. I remember chilling here at a small round-about between shifts with:

Celery and white bean soup (left)
Whole wheat tortilla with cabbage, omelette and a tin of smoked herring.
Somewhere around there I had a tiger's milk energy bar as those were a favorite of mine at the time.

A nutritional powerhouse; after a brief nap in the sun I'd be off to hit the grill and later, the long ride home.

A snippet of one of my several varied favorites; usually including some tinned, smoked, fish.

That's all there needs to be said about this...Hopefully you readers might be able to grasp the atmosphere of relaxation, and enjoyment I was having back there. certainly made for a cool lunch.

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