Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You're not smoking the cigarette. That cigarette's smoking you.

If you purchase new tools to facilitate a new lifestyle you will find that the laws of this universe ( and i hate using that term) will allow for the safe removal of other 'unwanted' life-moves.


 An abundance of pure, unfiltered, unrefined, spring water makes the acquisition of Mountain-Dew difficult.

This hack works to a degree whereby the so-called 'will power' to resist unwanted propensities is coerced into reduction.

Do you get me?


Your love of spring water ( and you love spring water, believe me) will supersede your desire to even look at Mountain Dew.

Thus, you are spending less and less energy resisting your vice and instead using positive force to embrace your loves.

Lets talk about something in graphics:
A commodity: salad with tinned sardine at the pad. 

So not that i've evolved as a human at all in the past year or two....

But i've noticed that i can see the plate-ups in anything I'm eating that's at least somewhat composed.

I call this the Rythm Effect, even though food is most of the time 'stationary'.

In culinary school we had a short discussion about focal point(s) and negative space. I don't recall much emphasis being put on COLOR CONTRAST, but that shit is major, in my opinion.

I mean; it's fortunate that culinary trends c.2013 allow for any pile of shit you see to be filed under 'modern' and 'subtle'. I fully intend to use that consciousness to my advantage (and did for a year, by the way).

Even in this quick dinner i was eating (in the photo) my salad is spilling into the rim, its loaded with varying shapes (none of which are teased with some knife-tricks). I finished the whole thing by literally hucking a carcass at the plate. There's also a little moat underneath the sardine belly where the dressing (lemon juice only) will collect with some juices from the tomatoes and sardines to give that sort of 'nage' feel. Can you imagine if i had a little red-beet in there?

I COULD SELL THAT SHIT FOR $30 in a brick-and-mortar.

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