Friday, July 26, 2013

Are you really concerned about your baby? Or are you trying to escape it?

Let see....

So I had another post to get back into this habit of recording my thoughts on this blog. I failed to post it, and I recall the subject matter vividly. I'll publish it once i've come to my senses.

On another note:

I spent part of the afternoon with some soon to be 'senior'  high-school students.

Without knowing more about them, I was sort of disappointed. Usually I expect youngsters to blow me away with some dazzling display of their superior vitality, outlook, and disposition as a result of their parent's cash-flow. I didn't catch that buzz with this lot of three, however.

Definitely made me feel better about my generation and those before it.

Pardon elitism. I am glad however that there is such a wide variance in behaviors out there, you'll recall I've not been in contact with a chunk of people in San Diego as a chef/troll chained to a kitchen for the past year.

In either case, on to the food:

 This is a very traditional Pizza Marinara --

It blows me away every time with it's vivid hues. Not only that, there is a huge earthy, salty push in this pie that you simply wont have with any other. The tang of the San Marzano tomato is the perfect shrill sting to relieve the palate of an abiding salty hum.

This pizza has a very uniformly toasted cornicione and ingredient placement, so it is...visually stunning.

I watched someone eat it from a distance and they seemed in a trance, staring into the sunset.

I don't think you could compliment the dough in a more robust manner.

I'm glad i could share this with you. Now to sleep.

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