Thursday, December 10, 2015

Is that what you wanted to hear?

Well, his plan had been to turn in early , that night anyway. But wayward messages will entice...
"Hey, we're inside, where are you?", Feb asked
"Just got in , where are you??" Cless barked back into his phone.

Agreeing to not drink beer, this ought to be a quick meeting of the minds.

They ran into each other near the restrooms.

" are things lately"Feb asked
"You know, i might be alienating people at work." Cless said, " I don't know if I need to be friendlier because i happened to move in on their rhythm."
"Yeah...? And..?" Feb wasn't really an interviewer.

"well, its hard to say, but i don't really give a fuck about their situation. I do, but i need to care less...", he felt crass. "I've already seen the mountain top, I'm only free as long as i don't try and relive the ghost of memories past. Does that make sense?"

"You're like...'do whatever you want'"
"Yeah, especially when its the kids getting familiar..." he pretended to elevate himself. Always the meekster.

"hey we're going back to Big should go," Feb insists
"nah, i'm living just over that away, its going to be a restful and relaxed sleep tonight"
Ari , Feb's girlfriend stomped in
"Why? cmon, just for a bit man, just for a bit...we've got a cab coming"

"Naw, I'm just going to sleep" Cless professes
"Ah just for a bit dude, don't be rude. cmon'"

Cless propped his arms behind the girls as they drove away.
"Wow, I'm actually really glad i ran into you guys"

"We're glad we ran into you..."

Back at Blue

Cless had been hoping to at least bypass the night's pleasure's where booze was concerned. He'd had a  late night/early morning combo already, but a single cocktail couldn't hurt. However, it was not to be...his fidings only yielded some sweet vermouth and a splash of tequila, not his usual.

He'd move towards mingling a bit more in that case.

Cless engaged a young lady -- host's girlfriend according to body language --  who'd proven excellent in conversation upon visits past. What had he to lose at this point?

"You must realize that people are trying to get a bit of your personality with that behavior" she said
"Yeah, i get that. I always take the right people with me", Cless said.
"No it's more than taking anyone where you're going, you are supposed to be enviting them to a slice of your life by sharing more of yourself with them." She said
"I'm not sure to what degree I can do that with anyway, we all have barriers. To others and ourselves", he said.
"You're so right, and that's what we're supposed to struggle with" she said. Cless felt better already.

He let her know about other fascinating relationships. How they would turn outsiders off.

"Well, yes, people need communication and when it becomes shorthand between you and a close friend, it makes them angry" she said
"i know, but its not selfish, right?" he wouldn't let on more about how the past skullduggery with his old chefs had landed them at opposite ends of the industry they ran.

She was saying the right words. Her voice swang upward and into his need for validation. Had he always maintained this sort of passive agression? Never one to turn down a good chat, Cless would let her pry and till the topsoil of how he ran things.

"Surely, you know that we wonder about each other to some degree. That's why you're here." she said
"yeah...thats right..." Cless was feeling aware of his inflation.

"People around you they must wonder how you got to where you are , not realizing that it just came so naturally to you".

Cless's jaw gaped for a bit. No one had ever said something that kind to him lately.

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