Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is there another side to everything you do?

“What are the secrets of success?” she asked
‘Well that’s simple." he said , “Get up early, work hard, pursue the muse…”
“…Actually, I’m paraphrasing someone else who said that the last one is to 'find oil'
“oh, crude oil?” she asked.
“Maybe it was olive oil?” he said.

He put down his glass and cleared his throat. In a few hours, the sun would rise and another riotous weekday would have slipped through.

“This is the work, you have to work on yourself, too” he gleaned “holding the knife and getting the food out is just a small part of it….but the only part people would appreciate this year…”

She was tired of his endless waxing at this point. She was exhausted and couldn't bear stoking the flame of this endless jawing. There were plenty of other less conflicted ‘artists’ on the rove, couldn’t she have picked a more insecure one to get friendly with?

“well…can we agree at least forget about this for a few hours over some snuggles?”

He looked at this iphone, propped up by a sewn-together wrist. He could trim about four hours. there wasn’t going to be a trip to the gym this morning.

“only if you pee on me in the shower later….” 

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