Sunday, December 27, 2015

Styling the morning.

He looked down at the ghastly state of his toenails. He looked further to the soles of his bare feet. None of it was looking particularly hot.

The tension registered in his shoulders.

Jessi could see his refrain. A common one.

"I guess you just make everything a matter of introspection." She said, breaking the brief silence.

"Well, that might be true, but we're all here on a physical level," he said, drawing his feet back into the covers. He didn't know she was awake. "We're not so far into the future that our minds do all the talking. Somewhere along the story, we have to walk the walk , just lookit' professional athletes. They move and think in a pretty proportionate amount. "

She rolled over and gave him a quick jab to the rib with her elbow. Cless could just barely register the gesture she was making. "but not always about themselves..." she said.

"That's what I'm saying, we're only humans". he said, now on all fours and beginning to dress in yesterday's garb. His empathetic systems were flaring. He had overstayed his welcome, at least in his mind.

"Where are you going?" She didn't look too concerned. She lit a cigarette and propped her pale neck with a watched wrist.

"Donut shop, I hear they also do beet juice. You gonna cruise?" He said, jacket collar popped.

She flipped back over so he couldn't see here face, lighting the last cigarette of her pack.

"Just get me something and bring it back....make it a bear-claw".

"Aww man," he thought. "i'm either seriously in the right place, or I've lost it..." , the tension curled to his neck again.

"Get outta here." she said, flipping over to see him off , and smiling an empty smile.

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