Wednesday, October 29, 2014

She said that to me too!

I love that feeling of having food move through my gut. It's a good warm comfort knowing that this gear's cranking, and it never ends in any acrimony or tears no matter what we do. And who's having more fun ?

Isn't this a sensation that we could connect with that isn't so akin the to articulation of say, sexual orgasm which tends to be taboo? Something we cant talk about in front of children? Could we argue that somewhere the feeling of digestion is common conversation? We get somewhere close when we describe the olfactory sensations of consuming some foods, true.  It might be fascinating to hear how perhaps say a brewer feels digesting bread, knowing that his system is perhaps replete with wild yeast and enzyme. Or maybe how some babe might feel wrapping lips around some wagyu brisket and rice.

i bet its something like:

"Well, it was nothing but salty and greasy ecstasy before i eased it down. Now it is a bit burny and rough on my chest [ as i bet meat can get quite acidic in action], must've been all that punch. Its been raising hell for over a half-hour now".

Maybe some people are expressive non-verbally with foods that cause flatulence.

Now, let's just say you've been saying something like "that's what she said", "it is what it is", or raised rhymes like "Sunday funday" in a real serious context( you might as well be dead, to me). These were social cues engineered to bring people together, I know. These things save time, let everyone know you're listening, and have enough free-time/socio-economic girth to own and watch a television?

How can i be a part of that? What the fuck is "Sunday funday" exactly?

yeah buddy. That was major panic at some point.

.  What's next on the menu?

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