Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I like that you're reading, but try not to get lost on your phone!

chief influences that come to mind. ..

I wouldn't call them idols, but these are the people that I observe(d) regularly.

Heath Kirchart (skateboarder) -  I wrote an essay about Heath's skating in middle school that focused on the way he points his fingers and arms while aerial. It was a large dissertation on his form and style (that's the word) that was making a big impact on me at the time. That's kind of like an examination of modern dance in ways, but I wasn't connecting the likeness until years later. He's like a graceful and powerful hawk on the board.

The fact that Heath is a pioneer in big rail skating is well documented too, you can read someone else's blog about that.

Good outwear too, I appreciate all the marketing that goes along with being a professional.

Hiramasa featuring Malort  by Carlson c. 2011
Michael Carlson (chef) - A technical virtuoso who twists conventional offerings. His work is a proper example of what you do to stand out from the herd of chefs busy with trend. I ,however ,feel that his venue is sorely in need of some updating, but what do i know? Carlson works in a restaurant with a kitchen staff of maybe five people total. It rings similar to the situation at The Wine Vault and
Bistro ( with respects to the level of maturity i suppose).

Interesting to behold the challenge in tempering the chef's whim versus the public's demand without an owner to show objectivity regularly. That's supreme confidence in ability, no?

I like San Diego chefs too, it's difficult being creative and standing up to the global stage when the lifestyle here is this laid back.

 All these people are dead, by the way (RIP):

Mick seen here with the Travis-Been aluminum neck. 
Mick Karn (bass player) - A genius who was revelatory because of the melodic approach to bass playing that is his crowning achievement, and contribution to popular music of the early 80's. He's probably the only person that made the fretless-bass even sound like a remotely good idea. I think some purist will argue that Jaco is the fretless king and that's pretty nerdy to even bring up. His techniques brought his band to proper focus although the rhythm section of 'Japan' was sometimes overshadowed by vocals - that's quite  common usually. Karn's presence on stage is hugely understated but a hallmark of the band's live act.

Mick On the Right next to Nona Hendryx and David Sylvian. Just an all around cool motherfucker. 

Norman Walker /// Bernard Jansen (doctors) - Their outlook on diet and nutrition is focused on the mid-20th century. This is an era marked by a huge disconnect in computer technology that we have today. This tends to have me believing that Americans of that era were much stronger physically, pardon the focus on Americans.  There's also an entertaining archaic styling to way they wrote about the subject matter that is always entertaining.

Tylenol, please.

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