Monday, April 7, 2014

Til' I get it right.

Has this iPhone5 been enough trouble yet? Replaced battery, replaced charging port, inflamed battery, and another replaced battery says 'yes'. iPhone is like an extension of Chris' family. So while he might whine about the extended care that the little groove-tube brings into the picture, he could never neglect it to any sort of end.

In 2011, 2012, 2013 - I was enamoured with the affect of a fruitarian diet. The high carbohydrate and quickly digested lifestyle served the enduro-marathon of the level of chiefdom I had on the table at the time.  At the time - as I recall - I had a certain economic outlook that kept me from attaining more of the integral elements of my current diet/intake. I'll write about that outlook in the future....

If i recall, i enjoyed the lightweight, clean burning feel.

 If I'm honest though, I can say that I was experiencing a level of neurosis and to a greater extent orthorexia simultaneously.

Fat is the buffer between your nervous system and the harsh reality of the world around it.

You can fuel your body with sugar to good effect. However, the habit of spiking your blood-sugar is unsustainable and leads to a lack of fortification in mental facilities, later physical expression.

At this point, I can only advocate consumption of easily digested fat coupled with plenty of vegetable/fruit fiber. Nixed the cereals, hopefully most people know why by now.

Couple that with the consumption of plenty of herbal tonics to propel the absorption of nutrients, excretion of toxins, and education of the immune system.

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