Tuesday, October 13, 2015

and to you!

Everything i dispose here seems to become my reality soon after.

sooooo.... lets take a moment to give thanks.

Thanks to my parents and their unwavering version of love and tolerance for my idiocy/naiveté
To my sister for cracking the lid on that new wave genre all those years ago. [could not have made it without it]
To my fucking car. That thing kills off road. Also, glad i never drove it into a lake like zach did with his 328i.
To my lithe and nimble physic. Being tanky is nice, but being a ninja has always been my aspiration.
To my handful of mentors. They boosted my technical prowess, my eye for aesthetic and, overall....my voice.
To being born during a technological head-boom. Very cool time to be alive and furthermore healthy.
To my mental facilities. I gotta keep going for all the folks i see that can't move/speak/hear/see.
To the perpetual state of battle. Sometimes i feel like I'm on easy street.
To the kitchen. I true microscope of human emotion, character, ethics.
To the drove of animals and plants I've eaten in a lifetime. All very tasty, a few rare ones not.
To youtube. I get all my best nostalgia there.

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