Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do you remember?

Wait, before that....let's preface that I'm no licensed doctor (you knew that). I'm only speaking here from a perch of infinitely long and sensitive experience with my own thoughts on a day to day basis.

i've so far only been a retail clerk and a chef, professionally. That is, we can only validate that experience because I received payment.

A common held belief is that our minds become more and more stagnant with age. This is true in my opinion because of a few tangible and abstract stimulants on that condition that we are exposed to at length as we grow older.

to name a few:

i. hard mineral content in our water and foods (American specifically)

ii. hard wired patterns influenced by dopamine response

iii. economic adversity that affects the above


we unleash the alcohol on our brains at age 21. Open the door on smoking at 18.

These vices have a huge deleterious effect on our physiology. I believe they are meant to be implemented as tools to repress emotions that are the result of what we see, hear, eat. However, their habitual use destroys our brain.

In order to learn like we did in adolescence, we have to first ween ourselves from the vices that adulthood has presented us. Stuff that mom wouldn't be happy to hear about your practicing. Replace the intake. Then, give it a four years minimum.

Unless you're totally satisfied with how things are going.

I gauge my plasticity on the likeness that my dishes have with people of  the modern culinary age (2000-on)

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